TCA at UIL!!!

The TCA students who participated at UIL did a WONDERFUL job representing the school both academically and in their behavior! Here are our students who placed:

4th Grade

Mya Zylberfuden – 2nd place Spelling

6th Grade

Ian Guerrero – 2nd place Listening Skills

Ben Hampton – 4th place Maps/Graphs/Charts; 4th place Mathematics

Makayla Reynolds – 1st place Spelling

Jonah Williams – 3rd place Listening Skills; 5th place Number Sense

7th Grade

Cameron Faulkenbery – 6th place Listening Skills; 4th place Spelling

8th Grade

Annelyse Garrison – 1st place Listening Skills

Kylie Ivy – 4th place Mathematics

Brianna Johnston – 2nd place Mathematics

Catherine Loyd – 5th place Maps/Graphs/Charts

Kristian Reynolds – 6th place Maps/Graphs/Charts

Abby Williams – 1st place Ready Writing

Sarah Zylberfuden – 1st place Mathematics; 2nd place Spelling; 2nd place Ready Writing

Congratulations to our winners! They did an outstanding job and they made me proud to claim ’em! =)